Borough of East Rutherford, NJ

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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many points is my ticket?

A: Points are NOT assessed by the municipal court. They are assessed by the State of New Jersey. Please contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission at 609-292-6500 or

Q: I am an out-of-state driver: will NJ points be carried over to my state?

A: Please contact the Motor Vehicle Commission in your state to see if any points from the State of New Jersey would transfer over to your driving abstract.

Q: If a warrant has been issued for my arrest, how do I take care of it? What is bail?

Warrants are typically issued by the Judge during a court session when a defendant has missed his/or her court date, with no prior request for an adjournment, or is in non-compliance of a court order. The amount of money the Judge issues a warrant for is called bail. Bail is money deposited with the court to ensure your appearance at a future court date. Bail can be posted at the municipal court office, or it can be posted at any police department in the State of New Jersey. Once bail is received, you will be scheduled for a court date. Upon disposition of your summons or complaint, bail money will be refunded.

Q: How do I plead "not guilty" to my ticket?

A: You may call the Municipal Court Office at (201) 438-0169 and speak directly to a staff member.

Q: Do I need an attorney?

A: The court cannot give you legal advice. Contact the Bergen County Bar Association at (201) 488-0044 or

Q: What is a plea agreement?

A: A plea agreement is a way to settle a case without a trial.

Q: Am I eligible for a Public Defender?

A: To see if you are eligible for a Public Defender you must first fill out a financial questionnaire to establish your eligibility. The Judge will review the completed form and grant his approval if you are entitled.

Q: How can I appeal a decision of the Court?

A: If you disagree with the Judges decision, you may appeal. You must file the appeal within 20 calendar days of your conviction. You will be required to pay a deposit that will be applied against the cost of preparing the transcript. You will also be required to pay $100.00 filing fee. Please download a copy of the municipal court appeals packet available here:

Q: If I wish to pay my ticket, what information do you need from me?

A: You can pay via the internet,; you will need the following: East Rutherford court code (0212), ticket prefixes, ticket number, and plate number. If you choose to mail in your payment, simply include the ticket number on your check or money order.